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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

2014 Litter




Crumpet des Ptimours

Date of Birth 09,05,2007



Hello Happy Controversia

Date of Birth 29,11,2008





Great Grandparents

Great Great Grandparents

Arthenus de la Cite des Grands Feux Bethwyn Beau Brummel
Ch Beaue Luke
Ch. Bethwyn Bacardi Breezer
Souci des Mousquetaires de l' Arm Park Ch Crwtyn Mum AP Gwenlais
Neige De Montglaine

Sexy Blue Panther of Saint Hilaire's Park

Piccadilly Black Cloud of Saint Hilaire's Park Ch Gowerstone Blue Print
Ch Isadora of Saint Hilaire's Park
O' Label Bliue De Montglaine Magdor Sir Echo
Ch.Seren Las Gwenliais



Geestland's Solo Song
Geestland's Firm Fascinator Hashfan Garcon
Geestland's Balmy Mackinlay
Blondie's Prima Donna Ch. Beckrow Beg to Differ
Ch.Beckrow Beam me Up to Powdermill
Ch. Bagera Faworitka Controversia Ch Yardican Westwyn Leo Ch. Spectrum Haròem Shuffle
Yardican LLedrith
Ch. Cudka Lisiura Ch. Beckrow Beg to Differ
Ch. Blodewedd Lisiura

Pedigree of 2014 Litter


Only a few hours old in these pictures




Babies arrive 10.03.2014

...and here are the results: 4 boys and 2 girls.....



And now we are 7 days old !!


And now we are 18 days old !!


Male "Vittorio"

Female "Stella"

Male "Selvaggio"

Male "Grande"

Female "Gioia"

Male "Falco"

And now we are 30 days old !!


Male "Vittorio"

Female "Stella"

Male "Selvaggio"

Male "Grande"

Female "Gioia"

Male "Falco"

And now we are 45 days old !!


Photo by Marina Gandolfo

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